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My Albums

An example of a album

Viewing your albums and adding more images is now easier than ever. You can even tag photos into quick search categories.

The tab structure

My creations

An example of a creation

Your recent creations have been transferred to the new site and are now ready to be viewed.

Click on the tab called My creations and you  will be directed to them

You will still be able to print old creations, find out how

My friends stuff (shared albums)

An example with shared albums within the friends stuff

All your friends’ shared albums will still be available for you to enjoy. If you have any shared albums that aren’t currently visible, this is likely to be because your friends who shared the albums have not moved to the new site yet.

Click on the tab called My freinds stuff

When they do, you will once again be able to see these shared albums.

My print credits

Feel free to check on your print credits. Please note that credit for any old style products, which are no longer available on the new site, will appear as credit for the corresponding new style product.

My Photobox > My account >( Under Credits & Orders ) My print credits and discounts

An example of what your print credits page will show you

My order history

You can view your order history over the past few months here. This area is also where your ongoing order history will be stored. Please note that the reorder function can’t be used for orders moved over from the old site.

My Photobox > My account >( Under Credits & Orders ) My order history

What your new order history looks like

What's new!

There are many great new products & services for your to enjoy including more photo gifts and easy photo-editing plus all your old favourites too! To remind you of all that's great at PhotoBox why not take a tour.

Old creations

Due to improved ways of creating products on the new site some of your old creations (studio items) won’t be transferred to the new site, but you will still be able to access them.

Pro Gallery

Following in the footsteps of our new website, the Pro Gallery service will also be updated later in the year. In the meantime though, it’s business as usual on the old site!




This new feature is coming soon - watch this space!

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